Our Promise

As a business advisory, we make four core promises to our clients: To keep things SIMPLE. To make our recommendations ACTIONABLE. To make our value QUANTIFIABLE. To avoid conflicts of interest by not representing competing clients within the same TERRITORIAL boundaries. And to make our services AFFORDABLE.

Simple: Business is simple. But a lot of clever people try to look smart by making it complicated. Any fool can make simple things complicated. It’s hard work to keep things simple. We strive for simplicity.

Actionable: Business strategies that exceed the capabilities and the capacity of a business are a waste of time and money. Our programs and counsel must be actionable. Any advice which is not immediately actionable is a waste of everyone’s resources, including ours.

Quantifiable: We operate in a world of data analysis. The work we do for our clients is always quantifiable. If we can't justify the economic and calculated intangible value (CIV) we bring to your organization, we shouldn't be working for you.

Territorial: If we are supporting your business against your top 30 competitors, we believe it to be unethical to also have one of your competitors as a client. For this reason we create client marketing territories to avoid any conflict of interest by not representing two competing clients in the same marketing territory. 

Affordable: All business expenses represent a percentage of revenue. An expense that adds value but is disproportionate to revenue will destroy the business in the long-term. We only work with clients where affordability can be built in to the metrics. If they can't, we won't agree to take you on as a client.  

Our History

Dream Sherpa Labs was originally conceived as a business advisory for e-commerce companies. Our client work focused on business intelligence (BI) and conversion rate optimization (CRO).

These two disciplines include competitive force scoring, traffic and scale analysis, market segmentation analysis, sentiment and polarity analysis, website teardown analysis, value proposition analysis, customer acquisition cost sensitivity analysis, profitability analysis, and predictive CLTV analysis data analytics. Our recommendations included improvements to, copywriting, design, pricing, offer structure, software, and business systems. Our goal is to provide economic validation before investing hard dollars in a flawed business model.

Because of our strong background in real estate and general contracting, we were asked to apply our services to help out a home improvement contractor in the Midwest. This assignment revealed an insidious trend that could be the end of the small to midsized home improvement contractors. We developed the Fractional C-Suite to help counter this trend. 

Our People

Dream Sherpa Labs employs analysts and software developers from all over the world. The company is headed by its CEO, Lee Clements.

Since 1995, Lee has been an active real estate investor, property manager, residential in-fill real estate developer, and home improvement contractor. In addition to his own real estate investment firm, he founded HandymanOnDemand.com in 2002 and served as Chairman of Handyman on Demand Holdings. He is currently CEO of Dream Sherpa Labs, LLC, a business development advisory for SMB home improvement companies in the U.S.

During his 45-year career, Lee has built several successful companies. He’s an accomplished executive leader and performance-driven professional. Lee is known for his conservative cost-conscious, risk-averse approach to managing operations, but with a strong entrepreneurial drive for profit and market opportunity. He’s a dynamic team builder with proven abilities to develop solid relationships with front-line employees, managers, clients, customers, and shareholders.

Our Process

A home improvement contractor in Denver operates almost identically to a home improvement contractor in Atlanta. This means we can add a client to our program and adjust for the small percentage of branding that makes each client unique. We make certain our clients' marketing territories don’t overlap, so customers only see each of our clients' brands as being unique.

This allows us to share trends in consumer behavior and deploy business strategies between clients without creating any conflicts of interest. It’s similar to how large franchises operate in that they can see data across all their franchisees and suggest local changes to improve business performance. Only in our case, it's your company and your brand. There’s no franchise fee, no long-term commitment, and you’re free to unsubscribe at any time. In fact, our goal is to help you develop your business to the point where you're ready to have your own management team.