Every Contractor Needs a Sherpa

Transform Your Home Improvement Business into a Stress-Free Money Machine 

The purpose of a business is to create a customer. Peter Drucker wrote those words almost 70 years years ago, and his statement has since become the undisputed first principle of all business ventures. And If creating a customer is the first principle, the second principle must certainly be to earn a profit.

Success in any business requires the entrepreneur to embark on many journeys. The entrepreneur's journey, the customer's journey, and even the employee's journey. Each journey has many paths. And every path has its risks, obstacles, frustrations, successes, and failures.

The home improvement industry has always been about great craftsmanship and mastering the tools in your toolbox. But technology has added new tools that have become more difficult to master because the technology continues to change, It's like having to re-learn how to swing a hammer every two years. Today, marketing, advertising, human resources, estimating, pricing, contracts, and accounting are all technology-based tools. In fact, even project take-off information is collected digitally.    

When climbing the tallest mountains in the world, the smart climbers use Sherpas to provide direction, point out the risks, and help with the heavy lifting. Dream Sherpa Labs is a business development advisory to the U.S. home improvement industry. We're here to help you realize your business dreams. Because every business needs a Sherpa.


Dream Sherpa Labs


As a business advisory, we make four core promises to our clients: To keep things...


Dream Sherpa Labs employs analysts and software developers from all over the world. The company is headed by...


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The Contractor's Blueprint

The Contractor's Blueprint explores in-depth what your top 30 competitors are doing to win customers, why those customers chose your competitor over you, and the adjustments needed in your business to become a profitable market leader.  Learn More

Fraxtional by Dream Sherpa Labs©

Fraxional© is an affordable subscription-based program for the home improvement contractor that provides operational management of marketing, advertising, lead generation, human resources, recruiting, project estimating, contracts, finance, and KPI reporting  Learn More

Handyman On Demand

A division of Dream Sherpa Labs, LLC, HandymanOnDemand.com was founded in 2002 and is currently a subscription-based 24/7/365 maintenance dispatch & call center for property owners, real estate investors, and property management companies. Dedicated to first call resolution, our team follows your policy and procedures, including follow-up calls with residents, maintenance providers, and property managers. Learn More